Чему бы жизнь нас не учила, а сердце верит в чудеса. (с)

"According to several sources on twitter, one of which being the director for the play, looks like Andrew Lee Potts will be performing on stage at the Leicester Square Theatre this October in Dracula.
Evil lurks in the streets of London.
The oldest vampire, Dracula, plans to settle in the heart of the empire and is seemingly unstoppable…
This visually stunning and faithful adaptation of Bram Stockers classic chiller is directed by the award winning Adam Morley and produced by the Scifan Corporation and AlleyKat."
"Just to add to this, the director, Adam Morley, has confirmed that Andrew is in this, and will be playing Jonathan Harker (those of you that are Andrew fans will know that is a character he has played before)"


В октябре этого года Эндрю будет задействован в постановке "Дракула" по роману Брэма Стокера в Leicester Square Theatre. Эндрю будет играть роль Джонатана Харкера.

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