Чему бы жизнь нас не учила, а сердце верит в чудеса. (с)
Появилась информация, что Ханна покинет спектакль в начале осень (её последний спектакль - 1 сентября). Бен же останется в спектакле до 13 января.

There have been some speculations about how long Hannah will be playing in One Man, Two Guvnors. The show was originally supposed to end in autumn but was extended to next year. I asked the production team and can now confirm that HANNAH WILL LEAVE the show in SEPTEMBER. Meanwhile Ben Mansfield will continue until January 13th. If you want to see them both on stage, book your tickets now. (с)

I can now confirm that Hannah WILL be leaving One Man Two Guvnors. Her last performance will be on the 1st September (с)

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